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The Seth Riggs and Margareta Svensson Riggs Vocal Workshop Varberg, Sweden 2018

about Varberg

This exclusive intensive voice workshop for 14 singers takes you from technique to  song application to performing! In just 5 days you will get the vocal success you’ve always wanted.


In a typical workshop Seth and Margareta together will begin taking you through a crash course in the speech level singing technique both in exercise and song. Following that, in group and individually, you will dive deep into using the method, extend your range, get rid of cracks and breaks, and equally grow as artists expressing lyrics and music truthfully leaving your audiences as well as yourselves with unforgettable experiences.


In this short amount of time, if you have the courage to take the leap - you will sing with the right technique, communicate from your heart and gain the artistic success you never thought possible.

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