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Speech Level Singing is Seth Riggs' world renown vocal technique.

Speech Level Singing is patented and trademarked.

Speech Level Singing is an absolute refusal to reach for any pitch.

In other words - the larynx needs to stay on the general level of where you speak - hence Speech Level Singing.

Speech Level Singing applied correctly eliminates breaks between chest voice and head voice, increases range as well as ease in which to sing - all musts for singing without damaging your voice as well as for having a successful singing career.

If Speech Level Singing is not taught along Seth Riggs' principles, it is not Speech Level Singing.

If it's not Speech Level Singing, no guarantee of Speech Level Singing results is to be expected. 

Speech Level Singing is not an add-on.

"What most teachers don't understand is that you don't need to think about twenty different things every time you open your mouth. And you don't need to study singing for more than a few weeks, or if studying is intense, days or hours before you begin to experience positive results. In minutes you should experience the difference. It doesn't matter if you sing pop, rock, opera or musical theatre. You should sing with a technique that allows you to just relax and concentrate on performing - which is what it's all about anyway, right?" - Seth Riggs

SLS - or Speech Level Singing International - used to be an organization attempting to teach teachers how to teach Speech Level Singing.

The teacher organization, SLS,  does not exist anymore in favor of restoring and preserving integrity and quality of the technique as well as the name. There are no certified SLS teachers today. 

A few formerly certified SLS teachers with no other affiliation is keeping up training with Seth and Margareta Riggs as singers. Seth and Margareta Riggs have faith in these singers'/teachers' integrity and in their up-keep of Speech Level Singing.

Seth and Margareta Riggs do NOT endorse IVA or anyone affiliated with IVA, nor anyone else 

The company, Speech Level Singing, teaches singers how to sing, a first step for anyone who would like to go on to teaching eventually.

"Many are those who have trained with me and gone off to form their own teaching. Among those are well-known teachers such as Brett Manning, Roger Love and Ron Anderson as well as many others. Though I am happy for their successful careers I don't know anything about their methods today and would assume they differ from mine, focusing on or striving for a different result."

-  Seth Riggs

In looking for a voice teacher, the questions you need to ask your prospective teacher are:


Where is your first bridge?

Please vocalize through your first bridge.

Please sing a song for me through your first bridge.


If that is done to your satisfaction, you have a chance of having a good voice teacher, and already in your first session you should know if you were able to go through your first bridge connected, meaning without a break between your chest and head voice, which often is a singer's most obvious issue.

Seth and Margareta Riggs are on an ever evolving journey working with singers world-wide in sessions one on one, in workshops and masterclasses and in doing so, together they are refining and expanding how and what they teach, to be even better, more efficient and more holistic. Working with legends and superstars with already longer careers than most, to actors who have never sung before  and everyone in between - considering all cultures and ages - their combined as well as co-created innovations are born through solving each and all problems for each and all singers. Ranging from singing scales to captivating an audience to holding up for world tours, Speech Level Singing has become integrated into their bigger experience Singing For Legends.

Seth and Margareta Riggs only recommend - Seth and Margareta Riggs.

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