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Singing in a choir

Singing in a choir or chorus is extremely popular. And it is a fantastic experience. But not if you want to be or become a solo artist.

The reason is that for a group to sound like one voice, which usually is the goal for a choir, especially a children’s choir, head voice by itself (falsetto) is used. Even without getting individual voice lessons, the simple conditioning is enough to disconnect the individual voices, head voice from chest voice, and in turn losing any chance of being a solo singer.

Singing in head voice is commonly the way classical singing is taught - as in no bottom - and instead pulled down head voice is being used. Singing in only head voice will eventually lead to difficulty singing E, F, F# and G above middle C, for both men and women. If at all present they will be wobbly and unpredictable.

Is the answer – don’t sing in a choir? It depends on the choir. Listen to them and see if you can determine what the sound is. A gospel choir will be different than other church choirs or children’s choirs for instance.

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