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How to practice singing

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

As a singer you will vocalize daily. It is part of being a singer. If you take lessons you will work on what you did in your last lesson, to implement it and make it yours until the next lesson. Regardless, practice will be part of your daily life.

If life is hectic and busy, you take the opportunities you have to practice. It might be in a studio, or it might be in your car or in the shower. Quality over quantity, but figure at least 30 minutes a day. Having said that, 30 minutes is really nothing. 30 minutes is to maintain, and 30 minutes is if you are new and you actually cannot do more. But consider this - to learn an instrument you are expected to practice quite a bit more - pianists practice 6-7 hours a day, violinists practice 4-5 hours, brass players practice 2 hours etc. Singing is a craft, your body is the instrument, there is much to it that requires a lot more than 30 minutes a day when you are in any process of progress, be it learning the pure technical aspects of singing, learning songs, preparing to go into the studio, in the studio, preparing to go on tour and on tour. As with everything, the more time you put into it correctly, without being tired, the better the outcome.

Make sure you both vocalize and apply to song.

And the most important thing is that you practice well. As in correctly. If you do exercises and you do them wrong, you only get further away from your goal. If you vocalize well, but can’t sing the song, you are not using what you do when you vocalize in your song application. Think about it. If you strain, stop, and come back to good form. Singing takes a lot of energy but it does not feel like you are working very hard. If your voice gets tired, take a break.

And as with everything, practice slow. Why? Because you need time to register your voice. What does that mean? To fine-tune the execution, to land just right, for you and your body to remember where it is and make that accuracy the habit, so that when you do sing at tempo, that you and your body knows exactly - exactly - where to go.

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