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Does aging affect the voice?

Aging does not affect the voice in and of itself – only incorrect use of the voice affects it, as it does at any age.

Your voice is part of your body. If you have had decline in your general health, it will show up in your voice.

The most common reason for an "aging voice" sound, is a lack of control of your air and support.

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Feb 28, 2023


I had not considered this either. Like most, I imagined the quality of your voice changed as you aged, kinda like the quality of muscle or bone. However, I guess it is similar in the sense that treating your body incorrectly (punishing workouts, or terrible eating habits) would also present detrimental effects as well.

Always Me,



Oliver Julian Ovén
Oliver Julian Ovén
Feb 24, 2023

Really fascinating points. I know a bunch of successful singers who were on top of their careers in the 80's, but using incorrect singing techniques all the way from the beginning they are struggling with their voice today.


Feb 21, 2023

Your post makes sense. I had never thought it was the control of air that affected an ""aging voice" sound the most.

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